Meet Bamido Idowu whose company Bamwase is empowering jobseekers and small business owners in Nigeria

I'm Bamido

Q? May we meet you?

I'm Bamido Idowu. I was born and raised in Port Harcourt, to a business man as a father and my mother is a teacher but also dabbles in business, My parents were blessed with 6 children and i am the third child and 2nd daughter. I am a legal practitioner with a law degree from the University of Abuja.

Q? So how do you combine being a  lawyer and a business woman?

Actually it has not been easy there is a popular saying that “you can’t
serve two masters soon one is going to suffer” so right now i am 100
percent dedicated on building the Bamwase brand though i still have some outstanding legal obligation to clients.

Q? Of all the businesses why did you decide to go into the internet business?

The internet has always been a fascinating place to escape to right from the time i knew the internet existed. The only problem my parents had with me while growing up was The internet problem in a time where the Internet was an unknown to most Nigerians, i spent all my time at a cyber cafe which
was far from home and i frequently get lost in that world that i lose track
of time until the close of day so i kept many late nights which got me into
so much trouble at home. So when the time came for me to go into business it was logical it would have something to do  with the internet.

Q? What prepared you for the world of business?

When i was 15, I was the president of the Junior Achievement of Nigeria
and that prepared me for the challenges of the The business world and ever since then i have been into various business venture. The best teacher in life is experience, so for as long i can remember i have been into various ventures and i have recorded many failures and i grew from those experiences.

Q? where do you see your business in the next ten years?

In the next ten years Bamwase should be a household name from all over the world making life easier for people and empowering businesses and professionals all over the world.

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  1. She is really a role model for young ladies

  2. Can a blogger who needs investment register on the site? Because from the way it looks more like a business directory to me than empowerment website. Nice job by the way bamwase

  3. Yeah, anyone can join, depending on what you want.

  4. What a fighting spirit she has to keep the business going, sometimes life is full of challenges but overcoming it makes life interesting.

  5. Wow that's sounds great and please I would like us to talk one on one about this .... Thank you

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  7. That's great.

  8. Lovely. I love enterprising women.

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  9. How does she do that? As in helping business grow


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