Did You Know That You Can Make Money As A Dog Breeder?

If you are okay with having a dog, then you might find this business interesting. Dog is something that do sells. It's as If there's a high demand in their purchase that there's
hardly any breeder that doesn't sell off all the puppies in his/her dog's litter.

Dog breeds

There's always a buyer out there. Some people overtime have
ventured into dog breeding and most have never regretted doing so. Hence the business has won its way as one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

This business can bring in a lot of money, but it depends largely on the type of breed you choose, because some breeds are more expensive than others. There are different
types of dog breeds such as

Local, Alsatian, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Mastiffs, Mongrel,
Rottweiler, Doberman Pinschers, Standard Puddle, Boxers, Boerboels, Caucasians, etc.

Below are a range of values for acquiring a puppy of the popular breeds in Nigeria.

Local - N2,500 to N10,000
Alsatian - N15,000 to N35,000
Rottweiler - N50,000 to N75,000
German Shepherd - N15,000 to N40,000
BoelBoel & Mastiff - N80,000 to

Note: The price values above differs in a breed because of its purity, availability, age, size, breeders' preferred price, location, demand,

For example, older dog of a breed will be sold at a higher price compared to it's pup. Also a pure breed pup is most likely gonna cost more than an impure (half) breed.

How To Start The Dog Business

To start, you need to have your dog and it's accommodation. Looking at the different prices above, you'll have to buy a breed you can afford. If you have little money, you can always start with a neat local breed. Local
breeds are cheaper to buy, care for, reach maturity for mating (crossing) in less than a year and rarely have miscarriages, unlike the
other breeds.

Feeds Required For Dog Business
Dogs are canines as well as domestic animals, which although have the carnivore dental
formulae, are considered as omnivores because they eat both plants and flesh. So rearing dog doesn't require having meat and
bones at all times. Even most dog
manufactured feeds have a higher plant content.

Selecting The Type Of Dog for The Dog Business It's advisable to begin with the local breed.
Since its easily affordable, you could buy two or more puppies, but buy only females and don't buy street dogs . Buy a reasonable neat
Buying a local male dog is one of the
biggest mistakes a breeder can make.
Buying the pup is not the only expense you'll make. There's also vaccination/treatment,
feeding, etc. So don't just go ahead buying many local pups because they are very cheap.

Buy the number that you can care for.
Ensuring A Profitable Dog Business
Keep your female local dogs off the streets to reduce the risk of infestation and to prevent
her from being crossed by the lurking male street dogs. A local dog when it begins reproducing can birth 6 pups in one litter. If it was crossed by a fellow local breed, the pups
when sold will only earn you 6 x N5,000 =N30,000 at most. B*tches reproduce twice a
year. That means you'll get N30,000 x 2 =N60,000 annually.

So thats like saying you
earn N5,000 monthly. Too meagre right? So keep your dog away from the streets.

Getting An Appropriate Mate in The Dog Business

Try to locate houses with a male dog of higher breeds like Alsatian, Rottweiler, etc, before your dog comes on heat. When it's ready to be
mounted, approach an owner to allow his male dog mate your b*tch. You may need to make a deal with the owner of the male dog.
He/she might request for a fee and a puppy, one or two pups without fee or just a fee without any pup, before allowing his dog mate yours.

The pup(s) is usually given as agreed
after it's weaned. This is another way to make money with dog breeding -
You can decide to keep or buy your own male dog (not local breed) and use it to cross your b*tches when they come on heat. You can
also buy an adult dog if you intend to skip the time and expenses taken to grow the pup to maturity, to start breeding immediately, but adult dogs are sold at a higher price than the

Keeping your dog healthy and clean will come in handy as a breeder. This is because a dog owner will seldom allow his male dog to cross
yours if it is dirty or have no medical trace.
When your dog is medically fit, dog owners may overlook its breed and allow his dog to mate yours. The pups procreated are seen as
the same breed as the male, but they'll be considered as cross/half (impure) breeds and
won't cost as much as the pure breeds. But they will be more costy that the local breeds.
The difference in the price range for pups of different breeds listed above is as a result of the purity of breeds in each case. i.e. the lower prices are for the half breeds while the
higher prices are for the pure breeds. Thus from above, assuming your dog will birth 6 pups in a litter, when it is crossed with an
alsatian or german shepherd male, you get 6 x
N15,000 = N90,000 per litter and N180,000
annually since it'll birth twice a year. That's like saying you earn N15,000 monthly. If crossed with a rottweiler, you get
N30,000 x 6 = N180,000 per litter and N360,000 annually.

And If you have two b*tches, that's twice the money.

However, if you can afford alsatian or the higher breeds, you can chose to buy the females and have them crossed to give pure breeds and that will earn you much more.

Imagine you get 12 pure pups from two litters a year, you can get 12 x N20,000+ = N240,000+ annually.

If rottweiler, you get
N50,000+ x 12 = N600,000+ annualy.

If Boelboel or Mastiff, you get N80,000+ x 12
=N960,000+ annually. The higher the breed, the higher the money you get.

Also more females means more pups and more money.
Also note that a litter can contain 6-12 puppies. So you may get extra cash if your dog procreate more than 6 pups per litter.

To quickly sell your puppies, you can put out signs indicating that you have puppies for sale, using online services like nairaland.com,
olx.com.ng, or meet up with a vet clinic or dog agency, although they'll have a cut (percentage) of the sale they help you make. and some may charge a registration fee.


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